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We provide an evidence-based approach to normalise mental wellbeing in the workplace, helping you to optimise your team’s mental health and become healthier, happier and more productive than ever before.

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“Like physical health, we all have mental health which requires attention too. Our mission is to change the perception of looking after it, normalising making your mental health a priority.”

- Sarah O’Neill, Managing Director, Spectrum Mental Health


Work With Our Mental Health Professionals To Empower Your Team


Proactive System

Our mission is to normalise mental wellbeing and break the stigma of seeking support before, during or after a mental health difficulty.


Clinically Robust Services

Our highly qualified team use scientifically-backed and actionable strategies in our engaging bespoke and end-to-end solutions.


Positive Progress

We provide safe and non-judgemental spaces to help you cope with any issues confidentially, improving the mental health in your workplace.


Our Services


Seminars & Webinars

Provide your team with key skills to support others in need.


Employee Assistance Programmes

Preventative and reactive mental health support available 24/7.


Mental Health Workshops

Delivering invaluable and practical skills training to employees at all levels.


Onsite Clinic Days

Onsite psychology clinics that are once-off, regular or ad-hoc.


First Responders Programme

An introduction to appropriate, effective, immediate interventions.


Mental Health Ambassadors

Ambassadors can help inspire others by sharing stories of overcoming difficulty.

A Proactive Approach To Mental Health At Work Creates:

 | Reduced absenteeism

 | Increased employee engagement

 | Improved workplace culture

 | Increased employee satisfaction

 | Enhanced company reputation

 | Longer employee retention


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