Supporting Your Mental Health.

At Spectrum Mental Health we understand the importance of your personal or workplace mental health needs. As the leading provider of private mental health services, our nationwide network of psychologists and psychotherapists are experienced and skilled professionals in their fields. We work with the best to offer you the same.


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Nationwide Clinics

We are Ireland's largest network of psychology and counselling clinics, with clinic locations spread across Cork, Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Westmeath & Wicklow.

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For Businesses

Build a more resilient team and help them to optimise their mental health, becoming healthier, happier and supported in their workplace.

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How We Can Help

Our goal is to provide every client with the personalised type of support that helps them overcome any difficulties in a straightforward & efficient way.


It's different for everyone

We aim to ensure each client feels heard and comes away from sessions feeling they understand more about the issue that may be occurring, as well as positively feeling progress can be made.


Finding what works for you

Our team use a variety of therapeutic approaches, with clinicians determining an individualised care plan which will effectively work for each client during and outside of sessions.


Working together to reach your goals

An important part of the process is determining what it is you are struggling with and what may help you feel better – though it’s perfectly normal to not understand exactly as you start the process.


“Like physical health our mental health also requires attention. Our mission is to change the perception around mental health support.”

- Sarah O’Neill, Managing Director, Spectrum Mental Health


The Positive Side Of Mental Health Treatment




Research evidence shows a 30% improvement for clients after two sessions. (source "the does-effect relationship in psychotherapy")


Better off treated than untreated

Research evidence shows those treated with psychotherapy are 80% better off than those who remain untreated. (source ICCE manuals on feedback-informed treatment (FIT))


We Have A Nationwide Network of Clinics

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2 Locations

Kilkenny Locations - Spectrum Mental Health.jpeg


Dublin Locations - Spectrum Mental Health_mini.jpg

Dublin: +10 Locations



Kildare Locations - Spectrum Mental Health.jpeg

Kildare: 2 Locations


Wicklow: 2 Locations


Build Stronger Minds At Work

Let us help you put together a tailored mental health strategy that works, providing you with the training and services needed to create supported and engaged teams, regardless of company size or budget available. 

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