Ireland’s leading network of private mental health support services

Our team of experienced, fully qualified and accredited professionals are spread throughout the country, providing confidential care, support and guidance to those struggling with a mental health issue, or are experiencing difficulties in their day-to-day life.


The largest and most widespread mental health network in the country 



Spectrum Mental Health is Ireland's largest network of psychology and counselling clinics, with locations spread across Cork, Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Westmeath & Wicklow.


How Our Service Works

Each person who seeks services through Spectrum Mental Health is a unique individual, with a unique history, and a specific set of circumstances. Providing counselling and psychotherapy that reflects this individuality is of central importance to us.

We want to truly understand clients, help to identify the issues they are experiencing and offer different treatment options that will most effectively support them. To do this, we have designed our service using a layered care approach.

The process begins from the moment you contact our service, either online or over the phone. You will get through to a member of our experienced case management team who will gather some brief information around your current situation and goals for therapy. Following this initial process, we will provide personalised recommendations around which treatment type and professional may be best situated to assist you. You will be able to select whichever option you feel is most appropriate for you, giving you flexibility around your preferences and budget.

At Spectrum Mental Health, our goal is to provide every client with an experience of mental health support that helps them overcome their difficulties and achieve their goals in a way that is straightforward, individualised and efficient.


Our Clinic Locations

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3 Locations

Kildare Locations - Spectrum Mental Health.jpeg

Kildare: 2 Locations

Kilkenny Locations - Spectrum Mental Health.jpeg




Dublin Locations - Spectrum Mental Health_mini.jpg

Dublin: +10 Locations




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