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Sandyford – Centric Mental Health Services, Psychology, Psychotherapy Counselling and Therapy, CBT Clinic

We Provide High Quality Mental Healthcare @ Sandyford Medical, Centric Health, the Plaza, Beacon South Quarter, Sandyford, Dublin 18.

All of our clinicians are registered by the following bodies:

Sandyford Mental Health, Counselling & Psychology

Centric Mental Health is  located in Sandyford Medical, which is a Centric Health GP Practice at Beacon Court Plaza (beside Imaginosity). With several disciplines onsite, our clinic offers a variety of appointment times in a comfortable, private space. The reception is staffed during business hours and the building is wheelchair accessible with paid onsite parking (opposite the Dunnes Stores which is in Beacon Court). For wheelchair users this is not adjacent to the clinic but there is a ramp from the car park area.

Centric Mental Health is part of Centric Health, providing the highest clinical standards of mental health services to individuals nationwide.

Our team of highly experienced and qualified therapists provide a range of mental health services at Sandyford Medical, Centric Health, including counselling, psychotherapy, and CBT.


What We Treat

Our team of clinicians can provide therapeutic treatment to individuals who are experiencing the following mental health difficulties, and related issues:

Our Sandyford Therapists are also specialised in treating issues related to:

  • Self-esteem
  • Addiction
  • Identity
  • Belonging
  • The Inner Child
  • Life changes

Our Services

Our psychotherapists at Sandyford provide the following therapist services:

How It Works

user journey

At Centric Mental Health, we ensure that you are matched with the right service, treatment approach and clinician for your needs, at the location that is convenient for you. To get matched, schedule your Initial Consultation here.

Our Sandyford Therapists

Our goal as an organisation is to provide the highest clinical standards and most innovative primary care mental health services. To ensure this, we are a clinically led team, with governance provided by an assigned team of our most experienced senior therapists.

Additionally, all of our therapists are fully qualified and are registered with their relevant professional body, which include The IACP, The PSI, The FTAI, The IAHIP, The APPI, The BACP, and The ICP.

Find out more information about our Sandyford therapists below.

Edel Mulligan, Psychotherapist, MIACP

Edel Mulligan is an IACP registered psychotherapist with over 10 years of experience working in therapeutic settings. Edel has worked in a range of settings including addiction treatment centres, traveller’s projects, homeless services, and general counselling services, and has particular expertise in treating issues relating to addiction, in addition to other mental health difficulties.

Edel Mulligan

Edel Mulligan

Psychotherapist, MIACP

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Amina Samee, Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist, MIAHIP

Amina Samee is an IAHIP registered psychotherapist with 9+ year’s experience working in counselling and mental health. Amina has treated a variety of clients, including those presenting with issues related to depression, anxiety, bereavement, loss, abandonment, low self-worth, childhood emotional neglect, trauma, suicidal ideation, physical or emotional abuse, the inner critic, and life stage transitions.

Amina Samee

Amina Samee

Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist, MIAHIP

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Make an Appointment

If you think you might benefit from our therapy services in our Sandyford clinic, you can get in touch with us here, or contact 01 611 1719 or [email protected]. You can also schedule your first therapy session through our online system here. From this first session with us, we can establish the best therapeutic approach and plan for your needs, and assign you the most appropriate counsellor.

Are you covered by your private medical insurance?

Centric Mental Health work with all the major insurers, who may provide full or partial reimbursement for your therapy sessions:


We recommend that you check your own policy for its terms and conditions to see what cover you have. If you wish to book in for a specific member benefit, please mention this at the time of booking so we can ensure we can accommodate your request.

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