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Postnatal Counselling Services In Our Dublin 2 Clinic.

Our team has mental health professionals who specialise in therapy and counselling for perinatal mental health, with clinical experience to support you through any difficulties you may be experiencing.

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Postnatal Mental Health Counselling Services

Approximately 1 in 5 women will experience perinatal (the period before and after birth) mental health difficulties, with the most common mental health issues being postnatal depression and anxiety.

However, perinatal mental health difficulties are something which are not really spoken about and women may struggle in silence, trying to cope with feelings of anxiety or depression, possibly experiencing frightening thoughts or trauma following childbirth, grappling with becoming a mother and what that means to them, or generally feeling overwhelmed during this time.

There is often a wide range of (sometimes intense) emotions felt over the course of pregnancy, childbirth and beyond, and thus seeking help if experiencing distress can be very beneficial.

It has been found that, sometimes, mental health difficulties may have been present prior to pregnancy, with some women concerned about a relapse during pregnancy or after birth. Other women may develop mental health difficulties during pregnancy or after birth for the first time. Either way, seeking help should be considered if you are struggling.

Some Of The Benefits Of Postnatal Counselling

Improve Coping Skills

Increase the ability to navigate situations for a happier future.

Sense Of Perspective

Professional support providing an additional sense of perspective.

Identify Issues

Talking through feelings can be a cathartic experience.

No Judgement

Our experienced team can help you find answers without judging you.

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