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Phone Counselling Service

At Spectrum Mental Health We Now Offer ‘Over The Phone’ Counselling. This Counselling Is Carried Out By Our Fully Trained And Accredited Mental Health Professionals At A Time And Place That Suits You.

Nationwide Counselling Service In Ireland

Telephone Counselling Service


Frequently Asked Questions about Phone Counselling

Our 50 minute phone session starts at €95

To help your phone session to go as smoothly as possible we recommend the following;

Ensure you are in a private, confidential space for the session, away of interruptions.

A good phone reception so that the call doesn’t drop or sound and picture quality diminish.

Turning your phone notifications and any instant messaging services off while engaged in therapy is essential, just as it would be in a face to face session.

Some of the benefits of phone counselling include:

Accessibility: You can talk to your clinician from a location of your preference, as long as it is quiet and private.

Anonymity: Meeting over the phone means that your physical identity is protected, which may be important for you (please note all our therapists are bound by confidentiality and the ethical guidelines of their professional body).

Convenient: Phone therapy is preferred by those who may be uncomfortable with talking face to face with someone about their issues or who are suffering from social phobias, agoraphobia or anxiety disorders.

Phone therapy have been found to be effective for treating a range of mental health issues, including panic disorder, anxiety, stress, depression and post -traumatic stress symptoms.

Whatever challenge, difficulty or transition you are going through, starting phone therapy can be a big step towards becoming the healthiest version of yourself, talk to us today and let us help you.

To find out more about each of our mental health professionals and their specific training and competencies, click here.

The first step is to talk to our expert team either via phone or email, share a little bit about your needs, preferences and expectations and we will be able to recommend the most appropriate clinician available, and can help you get set up with an appointment at a time most convenient to you.

At the time of booking prepayment is required and also completion of our Intake & Consent forms.

Following your booking you will receive an email confirmation of your booking details, check these to make sure everything is in order. At the time of your appointment, our clinician will make contact with you via the telephone number you provided.

Phone Counselling is a form of distance therapy which helps adolescents & adults receive therapy from a mental health professional via telephone, to help resolve mental health issues, beliefs, feelings and life problems.

Recent research shows that telephone counselling has been found to be beneficial and satisfactory at improving the specific issue that led to counselling and a global improvement in the emotional state (American Psychological Association, 2002). Telephone therapy is also a convenient way of helping people who do not have the means or opportunity to attend face-to-face sessions, to receive the help that they want to receive.

Reach out and talk to us today.

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