What Are Panic / Anxiety Attacks?

A panic attack consists of at least 4 of the following symptoms: heart palpitations, sweating, trembling, difficulty breathing, feeling of choking, chest pain, nausea, dizziness, feeling unreal or detached, numbness or tingling sensations, chills or hot flushes, fear of dying, or fear of going crazy or losing control. Unlike most panic attacks experienced by the general population in response to a specific trigger such as stress, worries, or feared situations, the panic attacks that occur in panic disorder often occur unexpectedly, without any obvious trigger or cause


Our Expertise

Panic / anxiety attacks can be an extremely uncomfortable and debilitating condition, which can be helpfully managed through meeting with a Psychologist at The Mental Health Company. By using a Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy approach our expert Psychologists will help manage, reduce or eliminate the symptoms of panic / anxiety attacks and begin to help return your life to normality. All of our Psychologists are fully qualified and hold a current membership of the Psychological Society of Ireland.


How Can We Help


Commonly, a Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavior Therapy approach is adopted with panic / anxiety attacks. Misinterpretation of physical symptoms associated with  panic / anxiety attacks is a primary area of discussion. Anxiety-provoking beliefs about your bodily stress response can trigger a full blown panic attack in response to symptoms that might otherwise be ignored. Hence, more realistic and balanced interpretation of bodily symptoms will be taught. It will also be explored if you tend to focus too much attention on any perceived unusual symptoms in the body and also on threat-related material (e.g. magazine article on premature death caused by similar physical symptoms).

Another area of intervention is usually prompting you to become more aware of the vicious circle of avoidance. You will be trained in a variety of strategies to equip you to face anxiety provoking situations in small, manageable steps. You will also be encouraged to reduce your experiences of stress in your life. Throughout all these endeavours, you will be supported and psychotherapy is always at a pace in tune with the client.

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