What Can Therapy Do For You?

Our layered care approach provided by a team of experienced and fully qualified mental health professionals means we can deliver the highest quality care and support. 


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Our Counselling Psychologists & Psychotherapists

We have a wide and varied team of highly experienced, fully qualified clinical and counselling psychologists and psychotherapists who use carefully selected, modern evidence-based therapeutic interventions to help with a wide range of mental health issues.

We are very selective when it comes to our team, allowing only the most appropriately trained professionals to deliver our services. All clinicians working with us have undertaken specific training  and have accrued extensive experience within their training and post qualification. All team members are required to be members of their respective professional bodies guaranteeing a high degree of education, training and clinical experience.

To find out more about the different types of mental health professionals and their specific training and competencies, please click here or explore our individual team members' bios below.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss which type of clinician is right for you and your needs, and get set up with the most suitable professional available, in a location convenient to you.


Nicole Banner



Jennifer Barton


Eva+Cafferkey - the mental health company.jpeg

Eva Cafferkey

Counselling Psychologist


Philippa Carroll


Daniela+Carvalho - the mental health company.jpeg

Daniela Carvalho

Clinical Psychologist


Alexandra Duque

Clinical Psychologist


John Faherty

Counselling Psychologist


Dr Beatriz Gil Perez

Counselling Psychologist

Greg-Herbert - the mental health company.png

Dr Greg Herbert

Clinical Psychologist


Jessica Keye


Fiona+Moane - the mental health company.jpeg

Dr Fiona Moane

Clinical Psychologist

Kate+Musiol - the mental health company.jpeg

Kate Musiol

Counsellor & Psychologist


Dr. Jenny Nolan

Counselling Psychologist


Clare O’Brien



Dr Sarah O'Neill

Counselling Psychologist


Nicole Paulie

Counselling Psychologist


Donal Reilly



Dr Mollie-Kate Richardson

Counselling Psychologist


Frances Walsh



What Makes Spectrum Mental Health Different?

- We do not employ or work with clinicians who are not members of a relevant professional body or association. This ensures that our clinicians are the best in their field and adhere to the code of ethics of their organisations, as well as the strict standards of practice with Spectrum Mental Health

- We are led by a team of doctoral level psychologists who provide clinical governance across the service. This means our level of regulation and oversight of our clinical team is far superior to that employed by most other private mental health services

- We are able to have shorter waiting lists than public services due to the efficiency and size of our clinical network

- Our extensive and diverse team of professionals means we can always recommend and direct clients towards the most appropriate clinician for their individual needs

- We use a unique layered care approach to the provision of services, which helps keeps costs to the client down while providing effective and efficient care

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