Occupational Psychology Services 

Ensuring any team member facing a complex mental health issue is given the support they need, through assessments and interventions, to work and perform at their best.

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Assessments, advice and effective interventions

Anyone struggling from a mental health perspective may need support in relation to a workplace difficulty. This may be in response to interpersonal conflict, grievance, long-term illness, or another complex issue not suitable for EAP where a specific problem is affecting workplace engagement and requires a personalised approach. In these cases, the organisation may need visibility around the person’s mental health engagement and prognosis. In order to support both the individual and the company, we can provide access to our Occupational Psychology Service.

This involves an offsite occupational psychologist who can carry out assessments and provide therapies or strategies in order to modify behaviour, emotional state or feelings; all individualised to the person and their specific needs. Depending on your company’s requirements, reports covering details of the assessment and resulting recommendations can be compiled and shared with an occupational health physician and/or your HR department, however only with the expressed consent of the individual.


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