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Occupational Mental Health Service

Our Occupational Mental Health Service offers reliable and valid clinical insight into an employee’s current mental health status to help employers in their absence management process.

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Occupational mental health service

Reliable And Valid Clinical Insight To Help Your Employees

As well as affecting employees’ quality of life and overall productivity, mental disorders are among the most prevalent causes of sickness absence and work disability, and can lead to increased turnover and unemployment.

After learning that an employee is experiencing mental health-related sickness absence, it can be difficult for employers & HR professionals to have sufficient understanding as to the severity and impact of a specific mental health condition and the level of psychological care required to adequately support an employee through mental illness and their return to work.

Our new Occupational Mental Health Service can help all parties involved to help your employee return to work.


What Does Our Occupational Mental Health Service Offer For Long Term Absenteeism Due To Mental Health Issues?

1. In depth Clinical Assessment

2. Report Write Up & Participant Review

3. Key Clinically Based Recommendations for Employer & Employee

4. Clear & Concise Treatment Plan

5. Advise on steps towards a Return to Work

Suitability Of Referrals To Occupational Mental Health

This process is suitable for a range of mental health related concerns. Suitable situations may include instances where employees present with any of the following:

  • Sickness absence of a short to long-term duration
  • Repeated episodes of sickness absences
  • Mild to severe mental health presentations
Additionally, we have the clinical expertise to develop bespoke and targeted seminars or webinars around more sensitive topics. For examples, these might include:

  • Addiction
  • Sudden Loss & Bereavement
  • Substance Use in the Workplace

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