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Explore our blogs and resources to learn more about a wide range of mental health topics including common mental health issues, ways of coping and strategies that can help you overcome your difficulties.


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Can exercise help with mental health?

excercise and mental health.jpeg
The link between mental and physical health is indisputable by current scientific standards. We know that what you eat and ...

World health day – depression

world health day.jpeg
World Health Day is an annual event organised by the World Health Organisation (WHO). It has been celebrated on the ...

Tips to tackle anxiety

Anxiety can affect anyone, and comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it be work, school, or social related anxiety, ...

Managing child mental health in the digital age

girl looking at phone stressed bullied.jpg
The children of today are the first generation of people who will grow up native to a life filled with ...

Ruminations – how to stop unhelpful thoughts

Ruminations - how to stop unhelpful thoughts
The phrase “too much of a good thing” can be applied to more or less anything, even thinking. While thinking ...

Self motivation – How to set goals

We all have our own unique goals in life, both professionally and personally, and it can take some self motivation ...

Techniques of assertiveness

Assertiveness is an important and useful skill to develop in life, but while it comes naturally to some people, others ...

5 essential ways to reduce stress

Whether it’s because of work, study, family, or friends, everyone gets stressed sometimes. There are three main hormones, Adrenaline, Norepinephrine, ...

Stress Relieving Adult Colouring Book Trend

Colouring books have long been associated with children, and yet, over the past few years, more and more adults have ...

World mental health day

World Mental Health Day is an event that takes place on 10th October every year. First held in 1992, World ...

Getting through a panic attack

Panic attacks can strike out of the blue and can be a very frightening experience. While anyone can experience a ...

Is Internet Addiction a Reality?

Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD), also known as Problematic Internet Use (PIU), is the term used to describe a scenario where ...

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