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Explore our blogs and resources to learn more about a wide range of mental health topics including common mental health issues, ways of coping and strategies that can help you overcome your difficulties.


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Equality and Mental Health: How to advocate at work

Mental health at work illustration
In an age when worker wellbeing is high on the agenda for most employers, it would be fair to expect ...
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What is World Mental Health Day?

mental health day
On the 10th of October we will celebrate World Mental Health Day. Let’s look at why it’s so important we ...
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My Story with Body Image – Abigail McDonnell

My Story with Body Image - Abigail McDonnell
A relationship with me, myself and I The conversation regarding self love has become a popular one. Some smirking at ...
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What is Ageing Anxiety?

Ageing Anxiety
Ageing Anxiety…. From the day we are born we ageing. Do you ever wonder why when we are younger we ...
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Mental Health Story: Stigma Lingers by Abigail Mc Donnell

Abi's mental health story
‘My name is Abigail. I am a 24 year old from Dublin, Ireland and I have anxiety and depression.’ not ...
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12 Mental Health Activities Which Could Support Your Routine/Your Day-To-Day

12 Mental Health Activities Which Could Support Your Routine/Your Day-To-Day
Have you ever taken up an activity recommended by many as something that will help with your mental health only ...
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Interview with DCU Students’ Union: Student Mental health after lockdown

student in masks studying
Third level and the Pandemic The Covid19 pandemic beginning in March 2020 in Ireland has brought many challenges to every ...
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What Can Trigger Social Anxiety?

Illustration of socially anxious woman
Many of us will feel nervous in social situations from time to time.  Imagining going on a first date with ...
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How does mental health affect physical health? 

illustration of people exercising
Your mental health and physical health are closely linked  Much has been written about the positive side effects being in ...
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How to Maintain Positive Mental Health

How to Maintain Positive Mental Health
Mental health maintenance is different for everybody - here’s what works for me (most of the time) When you see ...
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Tips from a Psychotherapist

illustration of psychotherapist
Don’t always take your thoughts too seriously. Our thoughts are only thoughts. We can all get overwhelmed by our thoughts ...
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How to manage stress and feelings of overwhelm

stress vector
“Stress is the feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure”. (, 2021) Many situations ...
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