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Explore our blogs and resources to learn more about a wide range of mental health topics including common mental health issues, ways of coping and strategies that can help you overcome your difficulties.


Benefits of Giving Back for your Mental Health

Benefits of Giving Back for your Mental Health
Ever hear the expression “helping others is helping yourself?”. Seems like a strange enough sentiment, especially if most times, we ...
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Making a Mental Health Checklist

Image of checklist
Regularly managing and maintaining mental health is good practice. There are many different approaches and techniques, all of which have ...
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How to stay motivated working from home

illustration of woman working from home
The majority of us are working from home for the first time and can find the new reality we face ...
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10 Reasons to See A Psychologist

Psychologist and Client
What can a mental health professional help with? There are so many things a mental health professional can support with, ...
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Managing Your Self-Critic

Does it often feel like you’re your own worst enemy? Like your self-esteem and confidence is held back by a ...
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Self-Compassion and Self-Soothing as approaches to improving our sense of wellbeing

A year into this pandemic and I think a lot of us are struggling with our moods. Perhaps feeling fed ...
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Do smartphones affect our mental health?

Although different polls will sometimes give different results, Ireland frequently ranks as the most smartphone-addicted country in Europe, and even ...
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Managing Mental Health while working from home

It’s getting a little repetitive now isn’t it? At the beginning it was a novelty. People were thinking “Wow, this ...
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How Food Affects your Mood

How does food impact mood? Traditionally we think of food as a way to nourish our physical health but more ...
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What is teen therapy?

Teen Counselling - What is it and is it for me ? At Spectrum Mental Health we meet a lot ...
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What is Children’s therapy?

Therapy with Children Children can benefit from therapy in a number of ways, such as learning to deal with big ...
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Counselling for Bereavement

Benjamin Franklin is often referenced for stating that the only things certain in this world are death and taxes.  That ...
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