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Explore our blogs and resources to learn more about a wide range of mental health topics including common mental health issues, ways of coping and strategies that can help you overcome your difficulties.


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What are Intrusive Thoughts?

intrusive thoughts
Intrusive thoughts – like those annoying party guests, they show up uninvited, make everyone uncomfortable, and refuse to take the ...
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How could a CBT Programme help me?

cbt programme
What is CBT? CBT, or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, is a psychotherapeutic treatment approach in which the therapist works with their ...
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How to Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person

highly sensitive person
Do you sometimes feel like you’re too sensitive? Too emotional? Too over-reactive? Or does the world ever feel like too ...
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How to build a Workplace Wellness Programme that works

workplace wellness programme
With Workplace Wellbeing Day taking place this April 28th, it can be a useful time to re-evaluate the culture within ...
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How to Manage Eco-Anxiety

how to manage eco-anxiety
In today's world, it can be hard to avoid media coverage related to climate change, global warming and the impact ...
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The Impact of Childhood Trauma

childhood trauma
Childhood and adolescence are important developmental stages in an individual's life. During this period, a person acquires skills and abilities ...
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Managing Social Anxiety

managing social anxiety
Social anxiety, which is characterised by an overwhelming fear of social situations, is stated as the most common type of ...
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What is happiness?

Happiness is something that most of us are likely trying to pursue in life, but it can be a very ...
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How to Improve Sleep

how to improve sleep
Despite the fact that we all do it, sleeping remains one of the most prevalent mysteries of science. While there ...
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Understanding Anxiety

Understanding Anxiety
Anxiety is a word that is used a lot. It is often used to describe everything from mild nervousness to ...
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Managing College Burnout

college burnout
College burnout! Like hitting a wall, it's a phenomenon that will affect many students at some stage of their academic ...
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What is an identity crisis?

identity crisis
An identity crisis is an event where we begin to question our place in the world and ourselves. This can ...
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