What Is Depression?

Depression is the term used to describe a group of experiences which may include feelings of sadness, worthlessness, lack of energy, withdrawal from social interactions, and not enjoying previously pleasurable activities among others. Depression will generally last for at least two weeks and have a significantly negative impact on one's life in relation to how they are feeling, as well as how they are functioning in work, social, and family settings. 

Some people will struggle with feelings of low self esteem, whereas others may feel very fatigued. Generally the most common experience in depression is a feeling of sadness which can be accompanied by a wide range of other symptoms. Depression may occur as a result of an external event involving a sense of loss such as being made redundant, the break up of a relationship, a bereavement, however it can also occur without any easily identifiable triggering event. 

Depression is also understood as being on a continuum, consisting of a range from mild to severe. A person's experience of depression often has many unique features which occur alongside very common manifestations such as low mood and difficulties with motivation. Whatever the specific experience you may have with depression, early intervention is generally the best course of action and is associated with the best outcomes.


Our Expertise

Depression is a common mental health difficulty and our team has been trained in treating this issue, utilising a variety of therapeutic methods to work with people.

Each of our clinicians have experience working with a range of people experiencing depression, and use approaches that take the individual's specific context and set of circumstances into account. We have a variety of mental health professionals working within our system who can help. Please read our team's bios or contact our admin team to discuss your needs and find the best match for you.


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