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We Provide Expert Lead Counselling Services With A Team Of Experienced & Highly Skilled Counsellors, Pyschologists & Psycotherapists.

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What is counselling?

Counselling takes place when a Counsellor sees a client in a private and confidential setting to explore a difficulty the client is having or distress they may be experiencing. Sometimes it may be that there’s just some dissatisfaction with life at the moment and no sense of direction and purpose.

By listening attentively the counsellor can perceive the difficulties and help the client see things with greater clarity, have different perspectives or decide on what action needs to be taken. Counselling is a way of openly discussing options and if necessary, bringing about change that is right for the person.

Who are our Counsellors?

Here at Centric Mental Health, our Psychologists and Psychotherapists possess skills in a wide range of psychological assessments, as well as therapeutic approaches for helping children, young people and adults who are experiencing difficulties.

Our Psychologists/Psychotherapists can provide evidence-based treatment for a wide range of mental health conditions. At Centric Mental Health, we believe symptoms of mental health difficulties are considered to be only part of the person, and that problems do not define who you are.

All of our Psychologists are fully qualified and hold current membership of the Psychological Society of Ireland. To view each of our clinician’s profile, click here.


Where are our Counselling Clinics?

We have a network of clinics not only across Dublin, but across the whole of Ireland. There are over 15 clinics, each with their own team of counsellors, psychotherapists, and psychologists. Some clinics are own door and others are part of an existing GP clinic. All details for accessing these clinics are provided by our Client Relationship Team upon booking. For a full list of clinics, click here.

How Much Is Counselling In Ireland?

We provide private counselling service at a fixed cost per session. Each session is 50 minutes in duration and we provide both face-to-face and online counselling session whichever is your preference. Counselling sessions starts at €95, for more information on pricing and available appointment please talk to us or email us today.

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What Can Counselling Help Treat?

Alcohol Abuse Bereavement Bipolar Affective Disorder Depression General Anxiety Disorder Obesity Social Anxiety Stress

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