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Are Kids with ADHD really just bold, lazy and badly behaved?

Negative stereotypes and misconceptions about children with ADHD are common and often just downright wrong…here are a few comments we hear too often and want to dispel for all our ADHD patients who, to us, are real life heros:

“ADHD is just laziness.”

Wrong: ADHD is not a result of laziness but a neurodevelopmental condition. Children with ADHD may struggle with focus and organization due to differences in their brain functioning.

“They should try harder”

Wrong: Kids with ADHD already exert a lot of effort. ADHD makes it challenging for them to stay on task, and they require unique strategies and support to manage their symptoms effectively.

“Its an excuse for bad behaviour”

Wrong: ADHD is a genuine medical condition that can influence behaviour. However, with proper guidance, children with ADHD can learn to manage their condition and make positive choices.

They are always hyper, they must be naughty”

Wrong: Hyperactivity is one aspect of ADHD, not a sign of naughtiness. Children with ADHD might struggle with impulse control and need strategies to channel their energy positively.

“They’re not as intelligent as others”

Wrong: Intelligence varies among children with ADHD, just like any other group. ADHD affects how they learn and express themselves but doesn’t dictate their intelligence.

“Medication is the only solution”

Wrong: While medication can be helpful, it’s not the sole solution. Therapies, behavior management, and lifestyle adjustments are effective in managing ADHD symptoms, tailored to each child’s needs.

ADHD isn’t a real condition, its just an excuse for medication”

Wrong: ADHD is a widely recognized neurodevelopmental condition. Medication is just one treatment option; decisions are made collaboratively between parents and healthcare professionals.

Children with ADHD deserve respect, support, and opportunities like any other child.  When we arm them with the right tools we can help them conquer any challenge that comes their way.  Find out how we can help, or contact us today using our contact form, email  [email protected] or call (01) 6611719.

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