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About Us

Find out more about Centric Mental Health, Ireland’s                                    leading provider of private mental health support services

About Us

Our Story So Far


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Who We Are

Centric Mental Health, previously Spectrum Mental Health, is Ireland’s leading provider of private mental health support services, across both primary care and corporate settings.

We have over 15 primary care clinics nationwide, as well as a digital clinic, and 25+ clinicians working to provide effective, evidence-based supports and services to our clients.

Founded by Stuart and Anne McGoldrick in 2012, Centric Mental Health was initially part of Spectrum Health, but became an independent organisation in 2018. Then, in 2021, after more than a decade of close collaboration, Centric Health invested in us and became the majority shareholder. We are now proud to be a Centric Health company and, as of 2023, we have officially renamed and become Centric Mental Health.

What is Centric Health?

Centric Health was founded in 2003 by Dr Maurice Cox and Dr Ray Power. With over 600 staff working across their network of 70+ GP practices, Centric Health treats over 600,000 patients in Ireland each year. At Centric Health GP Practices, we put our patients welfare at the heart of everything we do.  Patients can avail of day to day general medical care and a range of specialist GP services including dermatology, joint injections, mental healthcare as well as a range of women’s health services.

Find out more about Centric Health here.

What We Do

At Centric Mental Health, we uphold strict clinical standards in all that we do and use only fully qualified mental health professionals in both the design and delivery of all of our services. We have a team of chartered psychologists and psychotherapists working throughout the country, all of whom are led and supported by a senior and experienced clinical governance team.

We always maintain a client-focused approach, understanding and valuing the individuality of each one of our clients. From the moment you contact us, we will work to identify the issues that you are experiencing, and can offer a variety of different treatment options that will most effectively support your needs. Our specially trained, in-house booking team are on hand to speak with you and will ensure that you are matched with the right professional who can provide the right therapeutic approach for you.

Alongside our primary care network, we also do extensive work with various organisations and corporate clients, designing and delivering high quality, modern and clinically backed supports, training and services in line with their needs. This can include whole teams of onsite clinicians or seamless offsite referral pathways to appropriate care nearby, all of which helps to build a more positive working environment.

Our Purpose

We know that mental ill health afflicts more than 1 in 5 people in Ireland and has a substantial toll on individuals, their families and society more broadly.

We also know that access to care is limited and restrictive – the system is fragmented and difficult to navigate, and the quality of care provided is often suboptimal. 

We have seen how these failings have far-reaching, negative but avoidable impacts, such as long-term suffering, hospitalisation, family breakdowns, social problems and suicide.

We exist to change this, to make a difference, and to positively change as many lives as we can.

We want to ensure that those suffering with their mental health can access high quality care that will enable them to live healthier, more productive lives.

We aim to be Ireland’s first and only private mental health system that can provide mental health support to clients with a full range of needs and presenting issues, at any stage of their mental health journey, by delivering a variety of services with a diverse, multidisciplinary team. 

In order to achieve this, we:

  • Positively support our clients to become healthier, more resilient, and better able to navigate life’s challenges
  • Provide clinically sound yet innovative mental healthcare and effective interventions
  • Connect, build and grow mental health and emotional wellbeing at a personal level powered by data and technology
  • Create a unique integrated hub for mental wellbeing in the workplace and in the community
  • Create a sense of belonging and community across our clients

Our Values

  • We are dedicated to clinical quality & client centric care
  • We are guided by compassion & empathy
  • We are stronger together
  • We are motivated to grow
  • We are proactive and autonomous 
  • We are dynamic & adaptable 
  • We are passionate & positive


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