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Understanding What Anxiety Is

Anxiety attacks can be a scary, overwhelming & exhausting experience, however they are very treatable.

What Anxiety Is

Understanding what anxiety is and what it feels like


What Does Anxiety Feel Like?

A sudden sense of being overwhelmed. All of the things you have been worried about are suddenly even bigger than you thought they were. There is a feeling of confusion and being powerless to change things. You find yourself frantically trying to fix whatever the problem is, while also feeling there is no possible way to fix it.  Almost like you absolutely cannot stay still because something awful will happen, but if you move at all, something awful will happen too. It’s a catch 22.

Anxiety Is A Surprisingly Common Issue

If the above sounds familiar, it might mean that on at least one occasion you have experienced an intense burst of anxiety, often identified as an anxiety attack. While there is no specific or clinical definition for the term “anxiety attack”, it is generally used to describe a period of very intense worry. The worry may be focused on a single thing or can be more general. Either way anxiety attacks can be scary, overwhelming and exhausting experiences. However, they are also very treatable. Anxiety is the most common issue that our psychologists and psychotherapists work with, and therapy has been found to be highly effective for addressing experiences of anxiety, from mild to the very intense.

How Can I Tell If I’m Having An Anxiety Attack?

Sometimes you will know when an anxiety attack is coming, whereas other times it will feel like it just happens randomly. These attacks can be isolating experiences, where you can become convinced that the anxiety is here to stay. You might feel that that not only is the anxiety in charge, but that if you talk about it, it might become worse. This can lead into a pattern of trying to avoid the feeling of anxiety, generally making it more intense. Anxiety and anxiety attacks thrive in this pattern of silence and avoidance, but with the right psychotherapist or psychologist, therapy can be a highly effective method for breaking this cycle.

Centric Mental Health Can Help.

Whatever your experience with anxiety is, it is important to know that it is not hopeless. Whether anxiety is a new experience for you or if it is something that has been going on for years, one of the best ways of addressing it is to get professional help. Everyday our team of psychologists and psychotherapists work with people struggling with anxiety, helping them to manage symptoms and improve their day to day experience. In some cases, we have seen improvements after just two sessions of therapy.

Anxiety doesn’t have to be in the driver’s seat. Take the first step and reach out to our team today.

Our Anxiety Psychologist

Dr Fiona Moane, Clinical Psychologist

Dr Fiona Moane, Clinical Psychologist

Fiona is a registered member of the PSI (Psychological Society of Ireland) and is also an accredited psychotherapist (MIAHIP).

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