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Online Therapy & Counselling Service

We Offer One Of The Best Online Counselling Service Across Dublin & Ireland. This Service Is Carried Out By Our Fully Trained And Accredited Network Of Online Therapists.

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Online Counselling

What Is Online Counselling?

Our Online Counselling Ireland Sessions are with our psychologists and psychotherapists available by video through our patient management system TM3 or an internet-based application called Zoom. We schedule a meeting with you through our relationship team and send you a link, which you use to the join the meeting with your therapist at the time arranged. We use TM3 or Zoom because both are end to end encrypted systems that ensure privacy and security. We use Zoom when we need some of the functions within this app such as sharing screens and documents. This can be useful when sharing ideas, diagrams and other resources.

Can I Avail Of Online Therapy from anywhere in Ireland?

Anyone who wishes to attend an therapy session can benefit from online therapy no matter where you live, be it Dublin or Kerry! The most important determinate of positive change in therapy is the relationship with the therapist, and we have found that just as in face-to-face meetings, the therapy relationship can be fostered with care to create lasting impact. For those struggling in the midst of the current crisis we have developed a Covid-19 Mental Health Check In service with our mental health professionals, for more information

Please Note: Centric Mental Health’s clinicians are based in the Republic of Ireland, and as such they can only provide services to individuals who are physically in the Republic of Ireland during their sessions. This is due to insurance and regulatory differences between countries and thus we are not able to provide psychotherapy services to people who are outside of the Republic of Ireland at the current time.

Does online Therapy work to the same degree as face to face?

Research finds that videoconferencing psychotherapy is found to be associated with similar outcomes to face-to-face psychotherapy across a range of therapeutic types and formats (Backhaus et al. 2012). “I feel uncomfortable talking to a stranger online” The first meeting with your therapist can provoke some nerves and online therapy is no different. We’ve seen that this feeling tends to pass quite quickly once the session begins. Some of our clients say that they prefer online therapy as the space allows for more thinking time, and the freedom to be more open and honest more from the get-go about the matter at hand. Many clients also like the convenience of being able to have their therapy sessions in diverse locations, whether in the comfort of their own home, or even on the other side of the country or continent if other commitments demand it.

I’m not tech savvy- Is this An Online Therapy platform?

It doesn’t require any set up to use, it not a platform it is a web based solution. You will receive a booking confirmation email with a link to the session, and when you want to join at the start time of your session you simply click on the link in your email and you’re in! If you do have any issues setting it up, our team at [email protected] will be able to help you. Take some time at the beginning of the first online session to make sure that the audio and picture quality are good, that you have private space to talk and that there is no external noise getting in the way.

How much is each session?

Our 50 minute video session starts at €95. We have also introduced a new 30 minute Covid-19 Mental Health Check In service costing €40, for more information click here.

How do I Prepare for An Online Video Session?

To help your video/online session to go as smoothly as possible we recommend the following; Comfortable seating and a secure place to position your screen at face height A laptop with inbuilt or attachable camera Your laptop should include an inbuilt mic, just test this out before you get going A smartphone can certainly work if you’re stuck but we recommend a bigger screen where possible private space in which to have your session without interruption Phone on silent leaving you free from distractions, notifications etc.

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