Senior Leadership Mental Health Workshop

Ensure your leaders are educated and engaged to create an openness around mental health and put together an effective strategy that supports it.

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Effecting change from the top down

Senior leaders, as drivers of workplace culture and the main influencers in any company, have the power and responsibility to ensure that their team’s mental health is a strategic priority and a day-to-day focus for their company.

Our Senior Leadership Workshop provides those at the highest level of organisations with the information and understanding required for them to become active participants in creating a positive mental health culture in their workplace.

Topics covered in this workshop will include:

  • How to engage other members of senior management

  • Creating, driving and sustaining an open culture around mental health

  • Mental health's impact on sustainability, cost-effectiveness, risk management & productivity

  • The role and influence of leadership in creating a mentally healthy company

  • Guidance and direction for creating a strong mental health strategy

  • Effectively communicating to all staff that mental health and wellbeing is a priority


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