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Initial Consultation

Not sure where to start? Our Initial Consultation ensures that your treatment is tailored exactly to you and the difficulties you are facing

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Initial Consultation

Your Initial Consultation

Starting your mental health journey can feel challenging. When you are struggling with something and looking for support, it can be hard to know where to start. This is why we make the beginning steps as easy as possible by providing an Initial Consultation Appointment for all new clients who want to avail of our services.

How It Works

Our Initial Consultation is designed to ensure that you receive the most suitable and effective treatment for the difficulties you are experiencing, and for the circumstances you are under.

user journey

  • Initial Consultation: Your first appointment with one of our trained clinicians in which we get to know you and the difficulties you are facing, and work with you to establish the best treatment plan for your needs.
  • Matching Process: After your Initial Consultation, our clinical team will apply their expertise to assessing your case and matching you with the most appropriate treatment approach, service and therapist for your needs. Through this process, you can be confident that you are receiving individualised treatment that is carefully tailored to your circumstances, and will in turn ensure the most effective results.
  • Begin Your Therapy Journey: We will contact you within 2 working days after your consultation to advise you on these recommendations, and, from there, you can begin your therapy journey!

What’s involved?

Through your Initial Consultation, we:

  • Find out more about you
  • Work with you to understand the challenges you are facing
  • Discuss with you how our services can be of help
  • Share clear recommendations on the type of treatment and service that’s just right for you
  • Identify the most suitable therapist for your needs

Please note, Initial Consultation appointments are for self-paying adults aged 18 and over, seeking individual therapy. The fee for your Initial Consultation is €85. The follow-up service fees will vary for additional sessions depending on which referral pathway is most appropriate for your needs.

Benefits of the Initial Consultation

  • Avoid the feelings of overwhelm and confusion that may come with knowing where to start and what therapists to choose – we take care of all of this for you
  • Feel confident that you are going to receive the most suitable therapeutic treatment and level of care for your needs
  • Receive specific and tailored recommendations from our senior clinical team
  • Know what to expect from therapy if its your first time
  • Be assured that our services are right for you

To ensure that your Initial Consultation is of most benefit, please read the below:

When you first get in touch with us to make an appointment, we will schedule you in for your first session which will be an Initial Consultation with one of our experienced therapists. This may take place either digitally or face-to-face at the location most convenient for you.

After your initial consultation appointment, your therapist will consult with our senior clinical team to agree on the most suitable treatment approach, service and member of our team to work with you, given your needs.

Our approach ensures that your treatment plan is in line with best practice recommendations. Through this approach, you have access to a wide range of experienced mental health professionals including Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Family Therapists.

The high standards of care delivered by our therapists is assured throughout with all accredited with the relevant professional bodies and are guided by our clinical governance team.

Following your initial consultation, our client team will be in contact with you within two working days to advise you of the service and therapist selected to support you, and to offer you appointment options at a convenient time and location for you.

While it is not very common, in a small number of cases an initial consultation may indicate that our service does not offer the level of support that you need at the present time. We provide mild to moderate, generalist mental health services and may not have the correct resources to adequately support your needs.

In this case. we will clearly explain the rationale for this and will offer you guidance around the appropriate specialist services and how to access them.

Sometimes the difficulties that people are facing require access to a broader more specialised support team, including a medical doctor, psychiatrist or other key professionals.  Our team may not be able to provide this support and in this case would not be a suitable service for all mental health needs.  If any of the following points apply to you, we may not be the appropriate service and would advise that you access mental health support directly through your own GP or other services indicated below.

  1. Are you in crisis at the moment or have concerns that you might be at risk of harming yourself? 

Unfortunately, Centric Mental Health is not a crisis service and as such cannot provide the support needed. If you are currently at risk of harming yourself please contact Pieta House at 1800 247 247 or text HELP to 51444. If you have immediate concerns for your safety please contact emergency services.

  1. Do you use any substances that have a significant negative impact on your day-to-day functioning?

Unfortunately, Centric Mental Health is not the appropriate service for addressing substance use issues. The National Drug and Alcohol Helpline can be a helpful resource in connecting to such services and can be contacted at 1800 459 459 or at Your GP may also be a helpful resource for referral.

  1. Are you seeking support out of concern that you might be seeing or hearing things that aren’t there?

Unfortunately, Centric Mental Health is not have the capacity to provide services for some presenting issues, with these experiences sometimes indicating that medical consultation or triage is appropriate. We encourage to make an appointment with your GP at your earliest convenience to identify helpful supports.

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