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Ranelagh Medical – Counselling & Psychology

We Provide High Quality Mental Healthcare In Our Clinic In Ranelagh Medical On Sandyford Road, Ranelagh.

All of our clinicians are accredited by the following bodies:

Ranelagh Psychology & Counselling

Our Clinic in Ranelagh Medical

We have a Centric Mental Health clinic located within Ranelagh Medical on the Sandyford Road in Ranelagh. With several disciplines onsite we offer a variety of appointment options, including some late appointments, in a comfortable, bright space. The reception is staffed during business hours and the medical centre is wheelchair accessible with parking onsite.

In 2021, after ten years of close collaboration, Centric Health became our majority shareholder. We now have multiple locations with Centric Health across the country, where the highest standards of mental health services are met and best practice is always ensured.

Our team of highly experienced and qualified therapists and psychologists provide a range of mental health services at our Ranelagh location, including counselling, psychotherapy, and CBT.

What We Treat

Our team of experienced and accredited psychologists and psychotherapists provide therapeutic treatment to individuals who are experiencing the following mental health difficulties, and related issues:

The clinicians in our Ranelagh Clinic are also specialised in treating issues relating to:

  • OCD
  • Attachment
  • Family difficulties
  • Identity
  • Existential issues

Who We Treat

Our Ranelagh therapists are specialised in treating the following cohorts:

  • Children (5+)
  • Teens (15+)
  • Adults
  • Families

Our Ranelagh Therapists

Providing the highest clinical standards and most innovative primary care mental health services is always our goal. To ensure this, we are a clinically led organisation with governance provided by an assigned team of our most experienced senior clinicians.

The counsellors in all of our clinics, including Ranelagh, are fully qualified and are accredited with their relevant professional body, which include The IACP, The PSI, The FTAI, The IAHIP, The APPI, The BACP, and The ICP.

Find out more information about our Ranelagh therapists below.

Dr Mollie-Kate Richardson, Counselling Psychologist, PSI

Dr Mollie-Kate Richardson is a PSI registered counselling psychologist with a number of years experience working in various mental health settings, and treating individuals from a range of age cohorts and backgrounds. Mollie-Kate focuses on using an evidence-based approach that is grounded in person-centred principles. She aims to provide flexible and individualised care to each client, while recognising the central importance of the therapeutic relationship in the process of therapy.

Dr Mollie-Kate Richardson

Dr Mollie-Kate Richardson

Counselling Psychologist, PSI

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Make an Appointment

If you think you might benefit from our therapy services in Ranelagh, don’t hesitate to book your first appointment with us here, or at any of our other clinic locations. You can fill out our Request An Appointment form, or contact 01 611 1719 or [email protected] to get in touch with our team and book your first appointment. You can also book your first appointment online here. From your first session, we can decide the best therapeutic approach and plan for your specific needs, and we can assign you the most suitable clinician.

Are you covered by your private medical insurance?

Centric Mental Health work with all the major insurers, who may provide full or partial reimbursement for your therapy sessions:


We recommend you check your own policy for its terms and conditions to see what cover you have. If you wish to book in for a specific member benefit please mention this at the time of booking so we can ensure we can accommodate your request.

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