What Is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a condition, which occurs in response to a traumatic event such as being attacked, injured, abused or witnessing the loss of a loved one. In contrast to normal trauma experience and recovery, the person with PTSD does not appear to move on after the normal period of adjustment to the shock of the event. A person with PTSD remains in ‘psychological shock’, in which the memory of the trauma and feelings become disconnected. Similar to Acute Stress Disorder, the person has experienced, witnessed, or been confronted with an event or events that involve actual or threatened death or serious injury, or a threat to the physical integrity of oneself or others. Typically, the individual’s response is marked by intense fear, helplessness or horror.


Our Expertise

Psychologists at The Mental Health Company have expertise in assisting you to manage the symptoms of, and move on from Post-Traumatic Stress. Attending psychotherapy treatment can allow you to move on from the traumatic event with the ability to counteract any re-experiencing that may occur and will help restore your sense of control. Our aim for the sessions would be for you to move on to another chapter in your life in which the traumatic event plays little part. All of our Psychologists are fully qualified and hold a current membership of the Psychological Society of Ireland.


How We Can Help

Once the assessment period is complete, the Psychologist and client will agree the direction that therapy may take. Typically one of the foremost goals is to help you to better tolerate and manage the immediate distress of the memories of the traumatic event and to decrease distress over time. Strategies will be taught to reduce the bodily response to the re-experiencing of the trauma.

Supportive Techniques:

Supportive techniques are also employed to assist you to build up your psychological sense of safety and trust. Throughout this process, your strengths and resilience will be emphasised. We will also take time to reflect on addressing the meaning of the trauma in terms of your life experience and how it might be possible to move forward. Problematic actions that have restricted your life or have caused additional difficulties will also be explored.

Find out more about support tecniques on our cognitive behaviour therapy page here.


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