What Are Phobias?

A phobia is an intense and irrational fear of an object or living creature (e.g. spiders, snakes), situation (e.g. heights) or place. They are a common problem, but vary greatly in type and level of impairment caused. Some people avoid all encounters with the feared object or situations, while other people may endure encounters despite high levels of fear, distress and discomfort. In some cases, individuals find it distressing even thinking about their fears. This can impact their normal functions and sometimes lead to panic attacks.

Phobic persons are likely to organise their lives, avoiding the object of fear which triggers their anxiety. While some people may not come in contact with their fear like snakes, it will not affect their daily activities, other objects of fear are more complex such as social phobia or agoraphobia.


Our Expertise

Our Psychologist at The Mental Health Company can help you learn to function effectively through therapeutic treatments.  The type of Phobia treatment used will depend partly on the severity of the phobia - no single treatment works for everybody. With proper treatment, most phobias can be managed effectively. Generally however, our Counselling Psychologists will use a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy approach. Therapy is aimed at reducing the symptoms of fear and anxiety, and to help you manage your reactions to the source of their fear effectively. All of our Psychologists are fully qualified and hold a current membership of the Psychological Society of Ireland.


How We Can Help

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: 

Phobias in isolation can be treated using a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy approach. Within this model, a number of useful strategies are taught, in order to approach problematic thoughts in more helpful ways. You will be trained in a range of strategies to empower you to tackle anxiety provoking situations in small, manageable steps. Life without phobia can be achieved.

Find out more about cognitive behaviour therapy here.

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