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Occupational Mental Health Service

Our Occupational Mental Health Service offers reliable and valid clinical insight into an employee’s current mental health status to help employers in their absence management process.

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Occupational mental health service

Occupational Mental Health Service:

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Cognate Health has teamed up with Spectrum Mental Health to launch a new psychological assessment and intervention service to support HR departments manage mental health related cases.
The new Occupational Mental Health Service can help identify mental health related issues early by providing an in-depth clinical assessment with recommendations for a tailored and trackable return to work strategy – along with access to high quality psychological treatment intervention.



Service Overview:

What’s included in the service?
• Quick and reliable clinical insight into an employee’s current mental health status
• Flags to issues which require swift intervention
• Tailored recommendations around potential treatment or organisational interventions
• Clarity around how to best assist and engage employees
• Access to high quality psychological treatment and care if required


“This service brings clinical understanding to an employee’s current mental health experience and facilitate a transparent and outcome-oriented sickness absence management process – in which the employee stays fully involved.”

Who is it suitable for?

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This service is suitable for a range of Occupational Health related concerns.

These may include where employees present with any of the following:
• Mild to severe mental health
• Potential presence of mental health concern
• Disturbance to work performance
• Prior to sickness absence, or indeed following absences of any length


How it Works:

Brief consultation, Complex clinical assessment or Treatment referral?
We offer three different tools which can provide differing levels of clinical assessments and recommendations
for a tailored and trackable return to work strategy;

1. Brief consultation service
2. Complex clinical assessment
3. Psychological treatment and care

Assessment and Treatment Pathways
Here’s a simple way to assess which service suits based on presenting issues:

Brief consultation service
Complex clinical assessment
Psychological treatment and care






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