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Dr Mollie-Kate Richardson,

Clinical Innovation Manager & Counselling Psychologist, PSI

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Dr Mollie-Kate Richardson

Dr Mollie-Kate Richardson

Dr Mollie-Kate Specialises In

  • Trauma
  • Attachment and relationship difficulties
  • Family work
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • OCD
  • Eating issues
  • Emotional regulation

Dr Mollie-Kate’s Qualifications & Education

Mollie is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist and member of the PSI. She completed a B.A. (Hons.) at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) followed by a Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, also at TCD. Her Professional Doctorate included four positions working in hospital and primary care settings as a supervised Trainee Counselling Psychologist while obtaining skills in psychological practice, assessment and research. She has also obtained a Certificate in Attachment Theory.

Dr Mollie-Kate’s Experience

Mollie has worked in a variety of clinical services in both a hospital and community setting working with clients across the lifespan presenting with a range of mental health difficulties. She has also worked in the HSE child & adolescent psychology primary care services (including family therapy) and in a 3rd level short-term student counselling setting.

Mollie has specialised experience working in long-term therapy with adults who have experienced trauma and has an interest in clinical practice and research in this area.

Clinically, Mollie uses an evidence-based approach while being grounded in person-centred principles. She aims to provide flexible and individualised care to each client, while recognising the central importance of the therapeutic relationship in the process of therapy. Mollie has training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, emotion-focused therapy, and cognitive therapy and uses a combination of these approaches to both create a safe space for clients, as well as help them address the difficulties they are experiencing.  She also has experience conducting group therapy and attachment-based family therapy.

Dr Mollie Kate works with:

  • Adults
  • Children aged 5+
  • Families

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