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Use our online screening tool to gain an in-depth understanding of the mental health of your employees.


What Is Your MindScore?

MindScore, designed by some of Ireland’s leading psychologists, is a quick and comprehensive online screening tool that allows employees to check-in when it comes to their mental health and wellbeing.

It also gives employers an in-depth understanding of how their workforce is doing when it comes to mental health. By aggregating anonymous employee data into a company-wide report, MindScore provides a solid foundation from which you can build an effective mental health approach.

The tool takes just 10 minutes to complete and can be assessed anywhere via any device. The insights that the report provides will help you to prioritise your team’s needs and gives you recommendations on the most relevant and accurately targeted measures in order to enhance mental wellbeing, reduce absenteeism and improve productivity. It also gives you a benchmark of your organisation’s mental health, from which it can be improved year on year.

The Tool Includes Questions That Assess Employees In Four Main Categories Of Mental Health:

  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

MindScore also examines mood instability, previous traumatic experience and attitudes towards food and alcohol.

An Informative And Educational Tool, MindScore Can Positively Benefit Employees On An Individual Level, And Create Positive Change In The Company As A Whole

Employees take a quick and confidential online mental health questionnaire, from anywhere, on any device.

Employees receive a personalised report with their MindScore result out of 100 and suggested ways of improving their mental health, which can include links to targeted eLearning modules, psychoeducation, and guidance around accessing appropriate professional services.

Employers receive an aggregated report and an overall company MindScore. This report will share valuable insights and will make key wellness recommendations based on employees’ most salient needs.

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