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Managers Mental Health Workshop

Give your managers the understanding needed to create a mentally healthy work environment, and spot and support team members who might be struggling.




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Managers Mental Health Workshop

What is the Manager Mental Health Workshop?

Building on the Employee-Focused Workshop, this workshop provides knowledge and skills around general mental health, but also includes modules designed to train managers in monitoring and safeguarding their team members’ mental health.

As well as being able to manage the workloads and day-to-day pressures within their teams, managers will become well positioned to spot early signs of stress, anxiety or other mental ill health issues. This workshop will give your management a clear understanding of how to identify these common issues and their symptoms, as well as how best to support employees who are experiencing difficulties.

Who should attend?

The Manager Mental Health Workshop should be made available to all managers responsible for leading a team of employees, as they are in an excellent position to create healthy work environments, and spot and support anyone who might be struggling. The workshop provides information which allows your managers to lead appropriately around mental health – not to become mental health professionals, but to be informed to support their people.

Benefits For Your Employees:

  • They develop an understanding of mental health and the effects that it has on employees and wider organisations
  • They learn how to confidently and sympathetically address mental health issues in the workplace, becoming a good point of first contact for employees suffering
  • They become much more aware of how their own reactions and responses affect others
  • They learn how to identify early warning signs of poor mental wellbeing within their team

Delivery Approach:

Our Manager Mental Health Workshop is unique, as it is only delivered by expert psychologists from within our network here in Ireland. Our workshop is a 2 hours long and can be delivered online or in person. With group discussion, real-life examples and practical exercises, the workshops are interactive and engaging, delivering invaluable psychoeducation and practical skills training to your employees.

Whats Included In The Course

In addition to the information included in the Employee Workshop, the Manager Mental Health Workshop will also focus on:

• Understanding the links between mental wellbeing, employee engagement and increased productivity
• Developing and maintaining positive working relationships
• Promoting open dialogue and employee engagement around all aspects of mental wellbeing
• The key role of managers in protecting and improving team mental health
• Supporting employees experiencing stress or a mental health problem
• Understanding associated legal duties, company policies and procedures and why they are important
• Information on external support services available as well as details of internal support systems, such as an EAP, and how they work for management and team members


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