John’s Qualifications & Education

John Faherty holds an MSc in Counselling Psychology from Trinity College Dublin. He has an honours Degree in Psychology from DBS and a Certificate in Counselling from NUI Maynooth. He is a Chartered Psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland.

John’s Experience

John has experience in working with adolescents and adults with mental health difficulties in a wide range of settings. John works with people who are struggling with depressed mood, addiction, worry, anxiety, stress, health conditions, trauma and other related areas.

His works using an integrated approach to understand psychological difficulties. The goal of therapy is to help the client to become their own therapist. John has carried out research on mindfulness meditation and anxiety.


John Faherty

Counselling Psychologist

John is available for appointments in the following clinic(s):

Blackrock, Co.Dublin

IFSC, Co.Dublin

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