How we work to help you

Each person that seeks services through Spectrum Mental Health is a unique individual, with a unique history, and a specific set of circumstances and so we aim to provide counselling and psychotherapy that reflects this individuality. Providing effective help in an efficient way which meets the needs of our clients is important to us.

It is with that in mind that we have designed our services to help our clients identify what the issue they may experiencing and then offer a number of different options for addressing it. We have a range of mental health professionals who provide services to clients, including psychotherapists and counsellors, a core team of psychologists, as well as consultant psychologists who both provide services in their own right, as well as providing additional consultation for the other members of the team if treatment is identified as not effectively addressing the client’s presenting difficulty.

We use a layered care approach to providing services to clients, with clients being provided with recommendations for which professionals may be best situated to assist them with whatever it is they are experiencing difficulty. This process begins from the moment the client seeks to engage with the service, with each client providing some brief information when booking their first appointment, with this process occurring online or with a case manager over the phone depending on client’s preferences and experiences.

Following this initial process, treatment recommendations are provided with the client being able to select which of these they feel is most appropriate for them. This process allows us to provide the most effective services whilst also allowing for some flexibility in pricing which in turn helps to ensure that the services we provide take our client’s needs and preferences into account. We also utilize treatment tracking measures to provide additional information on progress in treatment which can help us identify when progress is being made or when something in the treatment process needs to be adjusted or changed.  

Ultimately, our goal is to provide our clients with an individualized experience which helps them achieve their goals in seeking help in a way that is supportive and efficient.

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