What Are General Life Difficulties ?

There are times in all of our lives when we experience distress, have a general dissatisfaction with life or lack a sense of purpose. This can be caused by specific events, a situation at work. a relationship breakdown or changes in family life. At other times it can feel like nothing in your life has changed and yet a general dissatisfaction remains. 


Our Expertise

Our Psychologists have been trained to work with people of all ages with a diverse range of difficulties from everyday life problems to more challenging issues. Our psychologists can explore what you speak about in therapy in a way that can lead to more clarity. They can provide support in ongoing change or adjustments to a situation more effectively. 


How We Can Help

Cognitive Behavior Therapy: 

You will be encouraged to explore the exact nature of your worrying thoughts and understand how these thoughts may influence how you feel and act. The Psychologist will prompt you to view your worries in an alternative and more helpful way.

Find out more about cognitive behaviour therapy here.

Mindfulness And Relaxation Training:

Mindfulness and relaxation training can be very helpful in minimising the disabling effect of bodily symptoms of anxiety where you will learn self-soothing skills to help calm your body. You will be strongly supported in ‘sitting with’ feelings of anxiety, as this approach allows the anxiety to reduce naturally without avoiding or fighting it. Alongside this approach, you will be encouraged to make collaboratively agreed life-style changes which support moving on from anxiety.

Find out more about mindfulness here.

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