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Mental Health Workshop

Provide employees with the skills they need to protect their own mental health, and support those around them who may be in need.

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Employee Mental Health Workshop

What is the Employee Mental Health Workshop?

Our Employee Mental Health Workshop educates, informs and empowers your team around all aspects of general mental health. This workshop includes psychoeducation around common mental health issues, as well as practical advice around symptoms and signs to look out for. Interactive and engaging, the workshop provides key skills training focusing on how to protect and improve personal mental health, as well as how to support someone in distress or crisis, signposting to the most appropriate services available.

Who should attend?

The Employee Mental Health Workshop is aimed at the general employee population within your company. It should be made available for any team members who are interested in expanding their knowledge of mental health and creating awareness across their colleagues.

Benefits For Your Employees:

• Help employees become more aware of what can help or harm the mental wellbeing of themselves and others
• Break down stigma through discussions and exercises within our workshops to demonstrate how prevalent mental health problems are
• Provide tools to know how to have helpful, kind conversations around mental wellbeing at home and in the workplace
• Help employees picture ways in which they could become advocates for mental health change in the workplace

Delivery Approach:

Our Employee Mental Health Workshop is unique, as it is only delivered by expert psychologists from within our network here in Ireland. Our workshop is a 2 hours long and can be delivered online or in person. With group discussion, real-life examples and practical exercises, the workshops are interactive and engaging, delivering invaluable psychoeducation and practical skills training to your employees.

Whats Included In The Course

  1. An introduction to mental health and wellbeing
  2. Common mental health issues and their signs and symptoms
  3. Taking stock of your own mental health and ways to protect and improve it
  4. How to start a conversation about mental health
  5. How to appropriately support someone in distress or crisis
  6. Support services available, how to access them or direct others towards them


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