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Employee Mental Health Resiliency Training

Our Resiliency Training equips employees with the skills to manage complex interactions and difficult conversations, anticipate challenges, manage workplace stressors, and become more flexible and adaptable.


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Employee Mental Health Resiliency Training

What is Resilience?

Resilience is the ability to continue on in the face of adversity, or to pick yourself up after you suffer a setback. While we can’t always avoid or control the challenges we are faced with, we can control how we respond to them, and can do so in ways that are deliberate and effective, and that don’t impact our mental health and wellbeing. It does not mean that a resilient person never experiences struggles, or that they don’t get upset by certain situations, but rather that they can consciously set aside their feelings while they figure out a solution. Fortunately, resiliency is a skill that can be built on and developed, especially through resilience training, and more and more companies are now recognising this as a key area of focus for them and their teams.

What is resilience training?

Through resilience training, leaders, managers and employees will learn how to build resilience at work. The course will focus on how to identify, manage, and bounce back efficiently from difficulties, stressors, and challenges, in order for employees to thrive and succeed in today’s fast-paced, high-pressure, and constantly-changing workplace.

Our resilience training programme focuses specifically on improving psychological flexibility, which is the concept of responding to a wide variety of challenges in effective and flexible ways, as opposed to rigidly applying a limited number of tips or tricks.

Our interactive Resiliency Training course focuses on the practical application of evidence-based psychological concepts to equip staff with the skills to manage complex situations. This includes:

  • De-escalation techniques
  • Strategies for management of risk and debriefing
  • Identifying emotional factors to be aware of
  • Applying general principles to real world situations
  • Developing individual resilience

Who should attend our Resiliency Training?

Employees who work directly with the public can often find themselves in stressful situations, and having challenging and emotionally-charged conversations. Workplace resilience is particularly important in these roles, and our Resiliency Training will be very beneficial for these employees.

Jobs that might require more resilience than others include:

  • Customer service
  • Hospitality
  • Telecommunication staff
  • Healthcare roles

Benefits for your employees

High levels of resilience in employees can lead to numerous positive outcomes in the workplace, including optimism, high energy, less stress, and general positive feelings in the workplace.

The results of successful resilience training may look like staff being 20% more productive, or staff feeling more positive about coming to work, more supported in their role, and more confident that they can better handle tough situations when they arise.

Staff that are happy to come to work are, in turn, more productive, loyal, and invested in the company that they work for. This curbs burnout, empowers employees, and raises self-esteem.

What’s Included In The Training

Our resilience training online or on-site explores different challenging situations and how people react to them, as well as the skill of problem solving and how resilience can enhance it.

We look at managing challenging situations, and place a particular emphasis on the importance of debriefing afterwards.

The training also offers plenty of recommendations for developing resilience in other aspects of your life.

Key elements of the training include:

  • Common emotional responses to challenging situations and how to navigate them
  • Steps for managing complex interactions: De-escalation, Management of Risk, and Debriefing
  • Boundary Setting
  • Developing your own resilience

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