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Disordered Eating

Treating Disordered Eating With Psychotherapy And Psychology

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Disordered Eating

What is Disordered Eating?

Disordered eating sits on a spectrum between ‘typical’ eating behaviours and an eating disorder. Disordered eating may include symptoms and behaviours of eating disorders. Body image concerns and difficulties with over exercising can also be related to disordered eating. Anyone can experience disordered eating, regardless of age, gender, culture or background.
Disordered eating difficulties can include:


Symptoms of Disordered Eating

Symptoms of disordered eating can include:

  • Anxiety around food/eating
  • Restricting food
  • Preoccupation with calorie content in food
  • Food avoidance
  • Compulsive or binge eating
  • Rigid eating patterns or rules around food/eating


How To Treat Disordered Eating

Here at Centric Mental Health, we are not an eating disorder treatment centre as we do not have access to specialist care (including medical care) which can be required for people with eating disorders. However, our trained team of clinicians can support you with disordered eating and other related difficulties.  All of our Psychologists and psychotherapists are fully qualified and registered.

Our psychologists and psychotherapists can work with you on your relationship to food, exercise, or your body to treat disordered eating. We may use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other therapy approaches to alter dysfunctional thought patterns, attitudes and beliefs associated with the disorder to help improve the individual’s self-esteem and confidence in their body image, and to encourage a healthier attitude to eating and exercise. Therapy may also be individual or family oriented depending on the age of the individual and the severity of the condition.


Click below to find out more about the disordered eating issues for which our clinicians regularly provide treatment:

Binge Eating Disorder Orthorexia Body Image Issues Excessive Exercise

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