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COVID-19 Workplace Consultancy Service

Our Covid-19 Consultancy Service is a data driven assessment & bespoke consultancy report to help employees in your organisation during this second phase of the pandemic.

Covid19 Workplace Consultancy

COVID-19 & The Employee Experience

The second phase of this COVID-19 crisis is a good time for organizations to create more tailored responses to workplace challenges for their employees.

Most companies did a solid effort of addressing their employees’ basic needs of safety, stability, and security during the first phase of the COVID-19 crisis. However, employee needs are evolving and calls for a more sophisticated and data-driven approach to help address not just their physical needs but their emotional wellbeing .

Data Gathering

Phase 1 Consists Of Initial Data Gathering From Three Levels Of The Organisation:

1.       Senior Leadership/Specialised HR Team/Stakeholders leading the response

This will involve an initial online workshop to get an understanding of what unique challenges the organisation is facing. Our psychologists/psychotherapists will use a Covid specific SLT questionnaire and a semi-structured interview so that the initial meeting is structured and led by clear objectives but flexible to individual needs.

2.       Middle Management

We will also seek to get a clear insight into managers’ understanding of what the main challenges are for them. Information from this group will be gathered through a questionnaire and an online, psychologist/psychotherapist led focus group using qualitative analysis methods such as theme identification.

3.       Employees

Finally, we will survey the general employee population of the company using standardised measures in order to get clear and reliable information. Our goal is to understand and examine the psychological impacts of COVID-19, the distress experienced and the effects on level of functioning during this pandemic.

Feedback & Consultation

Phase 2 Consists Of A Review, Report And Workshop With Leadership

The second phase of the product will consist of an internal review of all data gathered and the creation of a bespoke report, detailing all findings. This report will be shared with leadership and a final online consultative workshop led by one of our Senior Psychologists/Psychotherapists. This will be an opportunity to discuss the results, make practical recommendations, and help with any queries or concerns the team might have.

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