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Covid-19 Mental Health Check In

At Spectrum Mental Health We Now Offer A 30 Minute Online Counselling Session To Help You Manage Your Mental Health In The Current Covid-19 Crisis.

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Covid-19 Mental Health Check In

Frequently asked questions about our COVID check-In service.

Each 30-minute session costs €40. We also offer 2 sessions for €70 when booked as a pair.

The session involves a consultation with one of our clinicians focusing on three main areas:

Understanding your personal experience of the current circumstances around the Covid-19 situation.

Individualised education (based on the most up to date psychological research) about the impact of pandemic, isolation and social distancing on mental health and what can be done to reduce the difficulties associated with this.

Developing effective coping mechanisms that will help you through these extraordinary times. Learning new, practical coping skills will be especially important given that many of our usual self-care activities, such as going to the gym, hanging out with friends, are now off limits.

Our team of experienced psychologists have developed a short, structured session that can help support you in a time of distress and uncertainty. Our psychologists and psychotherapists will provide you with some practical skills, coping strategies and advice to help you adjust to and cope with the ongoing situation.

Living through a global pandemic is undeniably frightening and unfamiliar, and with the strict measures in place as a result, where most of us have to spend the majority of our days cooped up at home, unable to visit our family and friends freely, it’s no wonder we might be experiencing increased stress, anxiety and mood difficulties. We want to help you with the wide variety of new difficulties that you might be struggling with, which might include:

• Worry and concern for your loved ones and yourself

• Loss of connection to our friends, family and co-workers, increased isolation and loneliness

• Adapting to increased time at home, working from home, and the loss of your usual routine

• Managing relationships at home with partners, family members or housemates

• Balancing work with looking after children who are now at home

• The inability to engage in usual self-care activities such as going to the gym, engaging in usual pastimes

• Financial concerns, and fears around job security and potential loss of income

• Handling a constant newsfeed of negativity

• The uncertainty around how all of this is will go on for

While all of this might make you feel overwhelmed and helpless, our team are available to help you make sense of things and take steps to minimise your distress and make positive changes to your mental wellbeing, even in these times of uncertainty. You can call us now on 01 611 1719 to schedule an appointment, by emailing us at [email protected] or by clicking here.

Right now, we are all having to adjust to a strange and surreal reality, quite unlike anything we’re used to. The Covid-19 crisis has meant widespread worry, uncertainty, confinement and isolation, where usual social and leisure activities are almost completely restricted. We understand that with all of this comes a whole new range of challenges that can negatively impact our mental wellbeing. At Spectrum Mental Health, we are now offering a 30-minute video consultation service, check out our video for more information.

Can I request Follow Up Appointment?

Yes of course, if you feel the session was helpful, or you would like further or ongoing support, there are opportunities to continue speaking with our clinicians by video and phone.

Reach out and talk to us today. Share a little bit about your needs, preferences and expectations and we will be able to recommend the most appropriate clinician available, and can help you get set up with an appointment at a time and place that suits you.

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