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managing social anxiety

Managing Social Anxiety

Social anxiety, which is characterised by an overwhelming fear of social situations, is stated as the most common type of anxiety. According to Social Anxiety Ireland, social anxiety affects about 1 in 8 people in Ireland. Managing social anxiety can be difficult, with symptoms including a fear of negative judgment or criticism, a fear of […]


What is happiness?

Happiness is something that most of us are likely trying to pursue in life, but it can be a very difficult thing to define. We all know the feeling of happiness, but what causes this feeling is very subjective. Happiness is essentially a feeling of joy, satisfaction and contentment, and often we experience it when […]

how to improve sleep

How to Improve Sleep

Despite the fact that we all do it, sleeping remains one of the most prevalent mysteries of science. While there are many theories as to why humans need to sleep when many other animals do not, the truth is; we don’t actually know. What we do know however is that sleep and health are intrinsically […]

Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety is a word that is used a lot. It is often used to describe everything from mild nervousness to debilitating fear. While it is great that there is an increased awareness about anxiety and people are becoming more comfortable talking about it, when a term is used to describe such a wide range of […]

college burnout

Managing College Burnout

College burnout! Like hitting a wall, it’s a phenomenon that will affect many students at some stage of their academic journey. But instead of a wall made of bricks, it’s a wall made of books and assignment deadlines. Continually banging your head against that wall could leave you stressed, fatigued, and lacking motivation. You may […]

identity crisis

What is an identity crisis?

An identity crisis is an event where we begin to question our place in the world and ourselves. This can stem from significant changes or losses in life such as leaving school; a relationship ending; or a career change. Our understanding of identity comes from many theories of personality, with Erik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial […]

happy while single

How to be happy being single

“This life is mine alone, so I have stopped asking people for directions to places they’ve never been” – Glennon Doyle Some of us choose to be single and some of us don’t, so whether the inundation of romance around Valentine’s Day glides innocuously by, or it’s an unpleasant bombardment, setting yourself free of expectation […]

centric mental health

Becoming Centric Mental Health

Spectrum Mental Health is undergoing an exciting change – we are becoming Centric Mental Health. Under this new name, Centric Mental Health will continue to provide high quality mental healthcare and therapy services to adults, children, couples and families, and effective mental health solutions to companies nationwide. Why the change? Having officially joined the Centric […]

building self-confidence

How to build self-confidence

Self-confidence is likely both a term that we are all familiar with, and something that we would all like to have. But building self-confidence isn’t just something that can happen overnight, and it also comes easier to some people than others. However, if you are someone who feels that they lack self-confidence, don’t worry, because […]

work-life balance

Improving Your Work-Life Balance

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Jack’s imbalanced work-life balance could also affect his mental health or eventually lead to burnout, which, in turn, can affect every aspect of Jack’s life. The drive to work long hours might come from a lack of security around work, general low self esteem, or […]

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