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Talking a friend

What to say to a friend who’s struggling.

Sometimes we don’t know what to say to someone close to us who may be struggling with their mental health. The first thought that comes to us, is ‘how can we fix this and make things better’ Although it’s well intentioned, it isn’t always the best approach. Showing someone you’re there for them and lending […]

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Recommended Readings For Your Mental Health: 2021 Guide

Recommended Readings For Your Mental Health: 2021 Guide The great poet and writer Maya Angelou once shared that it was through literature that she gained a sense of who she was in the world. Indeed, books have the power to not only help us explore ourselves but also to lives of others. It can help […]

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Reading for Your Mental Health: The Benefits of Bibliotherapy

Reading for Your Mental Health: The Benefits of Bibliotherapy So what are the benefits of reading? The word bibliotherapy comes from the Greek words biblion (book) and therapeia (healing). It is the idea that through the narrative power of reading an individual can create psychological healing and improve their overall enjoyment of life. Bibliotherapy started […]

body image illustration

What is Body Image?

What is Body Image? When we hear the phrase “body image”, physical appearance is often the first thought that comes to mind, however, this is not the only aspect that informs our body image. How we use our body to engage with the world and how our body functions are also integral to the picture […]

Mental health at work illustration

Equality and Mental Health: How to advocate at work

In an age when worker wellbeing is high on the agenda for most employers, it would be fair to expect fair and equal treatment of all those who experience mental health difficulties in the workplace. However, many people are afraid to be open about their difficulties and ask for help in the workplace, which can […]

mental health day

What is World Mental Health Day?

On the 10th of October we will celebrate World Mental Health Day. Let’s look at why it’s so important we continue to mark this day and how to support your loved ones and yourself. Not everyone has access to support, and many people still experience shame and stigma surrounding mental health. After nearly two years […]

My Story with Body Image – Abigail McDonnell

A relationship with me, myself and I The conversation regarding self love has become a popular one. Some smirking at the idea, some faking it until they make it and some unaware that self love is even possible. Self love and acceptance is everywhere on Instagram and Twitter etc that sometimes I feel if I […]

Ageing Anxiety

What is Ageing Anxiety?

Ageing Anxiety…. From the day we are born we ageing. Do you ever wonder why when we are younger we can’t wait to be older and when we are older we want to be younger? What is it about ageing that causes us anxiety? Sometimes we might regret decisions we made or feel like we […]

Abi's mental health story

Mental Health Story: Stigma Lingers by Abigail Mc Donnell

‘My name is Abigail. I am a 24 year old from Dublin, Ireland and I have anxiety and depression.’…is not usually how I introduce myself. In fact, since moving country and starting a new chapter in my life, I find myself more cautious in even mentioning my struggles. But let’s take it back a bit. […]

12 Mental Health Activities Which Could Support Your Routine/Your Day-To-Day

Have you ever taken up an activity recommended by many as something that will help with your mental health only to find it doesn’t work? The thing is, what might work for someone else might not work for you. For example, for some people, mindfulness allows them to achieve a state of relaxation, but for […]

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