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How could a CBT Programme help me?

What is CBT?

CBT, or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, is a psychotherapeutic treatment approach in which the therapist works with their client to explore how their thoughts, emotions and behaviours are related, and how they affect each other. Through this method, the client can begin to better understand the journey between a thought, feeling and an action, and therefore learn to better manage problematic patterns of this cycle that are negatively affecting their mental health.

CBT is one of the most widely researched and empirically supported therapeutic methods1 and, because of this, stands out as one of the most effective forms of treatment for a wide range of mental health difficulties. CBT can help with varying severities of depression, anxiety, OCD, anger problems, eating disorders, trauma, and much more, with a high proportion of participants reporting clinically significant improvements.

CBT is generally used as a short-term form of therapy, focusing on the client’s current problems, and can be delivered in various ways, such as being guided by a therapist through one-to-one sessions, through digital therapy or the completion of digital CBT modules, activities and exercises, or through journalling and other forms of self-reflection.

During a course of CBT or a CBT programme, clients can learn coping methods and techniques that they can then take with them and implement even after the programme has finished. In this way, CBT places a major emphasis on helping the client help themselves, as they can take more control of their mental health by utilising CBT techniques in times of stress, anxiety or low mood.

Getting Started with CBT

When considering trying any form of therapy, it can be difficult to know where to start, and with CBT it is no different. Perhaps you are struggling with issues such as low mood, anxiety or stress and think that therapy could be of help, but aren’t sure what type, or if CBT is the best course of action. Or maybe you are just looking to improve your overall mental health and feel more positive, confident and increase your self-esteem, and are curious as to whether a course of CBT would be beneficial.cbt for depressed woman

Well, we’re here to help. Here are some indicators that CBT might be of benefit to you:

  • You experience negative and/or irrational thoughts, or find yourself overthinking often
  • You are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, or another mental health difficulty
  • You would like to improve your confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and/or self-image
  • You are looking to gain a better understanding of your mental health, and why you think, feel and act in certain ways
  • You would like a form of therapy that addresses your current problems and can begin to improve your mental health over a short-term period
  • You would like to learn coping techniques and tools that you can utilise in your own time to improve your mental health
  • You have never tried therapy before, or you have attended therapy and found that the therapeutic approach being used wasn’t as helpful as you would have hoped for gaining a better understanding of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours

Our CBT Programme

Centric Mental Health now offer a 12 Week CBT Programme for the treatment of mental health difficulties relating to depression and anxiety.

Our CBT Programme is delivered via a combination of one-to-one therapy and digital CBT, and is led by our trained and accredited clinicians.

For the price of €275 (that’s less than €23 per week), our CBT Programme includes:

  • 6x one-to-one 30-minute therapy sessions over 12 weeks, either in-person or online
  • Digital CBT on the SilverCloud platform, which includes modules, exercises and other resources for participants to work through in their own time
  • 1 year access to the digital CBT resources

Our programme is designed for individuals (18+) who are looking to gain tools to better understand and manage a range of mood and anxiety disorders, and improve their overall mental health.

Benefits of our CBT Programmeonline cbt

  • Clinically led by our accredited clinicians
  • Digitally supported by SilverCloud
  • Cost-efficient, working out at less than €23 per week of the programme
  • 12-month full access to the digital CBT resources
  • In person or online sessions
  • Easy to use platform
  • Work through the CBT modules and activities at any time, on any device

How to book

If you are interested in our CBT Programme, you can book your Initial Consultation online now here, or you can get in touch with our booking team via [email protected] or 01 611 1719. You will then be scheduled in for your Initial Consultation, which will involve a comprehensive screener to assess and understand your needs and the challenges you are facing, establish whether you are suitable for this service, and match you with the most appropriate therapist for your needs.

Find out more about CBT here.




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