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Why should I attend an initial screening assessment?

Many mental health services offer an initial screening assessment as a first port of call. But why is this so often the case? Why might someone attend a screening session first, rather than just starting therapy straight away?

Taking the first step on your mental health journey can be challenging – you might not know where to go, what type of support you need, or even how to verbalise what you are struggling with. At Spectrum Mental Health, we understand how daunting it can be and we want to make that first step feel a little less scary.

Attending an initial screening appointment means that we get to support you in exploring what has been going on for you, get to know you a bit, explain our services to you, and understand what your needs are. Based on what you tell us, and on our clinical knowledge, we can give you recommendations for the best type of therapy for what you are experiencing.

Man and woman therapy session

Basically, an initial screening appointment means we can combine your expertise in your own lived experience with our expertise in developing therapeutic plans and recommendations!

We are aware that some people may come to us and know exactly what they are going through, exactly what they need, and may also have been to therapy before, so they know the process! If this is you – great! That means we can get a lot of information from you in the initial screening session and quickly determine your needs for therapy. We would hope that you will still benefit from this initial screening appointment, in that we can take stock of your history, understand what worked for you and what didn’t in terms of previous therapy and support, and come up with a robust therapeutic plan together.

In certain unlikely situations, both you and your therapist might determine in the initial screener that we are not the right service for you. This may be due to the availability of our therapists, to the type of therapists we have working for us at the time, or to the fact that we are a generalist service rather than a specialist one. If this is the case, we will provide you with a list of recommendations from our database of alternative specialist services. We would hope that you will still come away from your screening session knowing what the next steps are for you in your mental health journey.

So, overall, we see the initial screening assessments as a win-win, with the hope that every client can benefit from attending one.

Take the first step of your mental health journey today by making an appointment for an initial screening assessment with Spectrum Mental Health, and email us at [email protected] or ring us at 01 611 1719.

Written by Mollie-Kate Richardson, PSI

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