Start With The Basics

This Mental Health Awareness Week we are running a series of blogs on how to support someone struggling with a difficulty. Each day, we’ll publish a new tip so check back in each day.

We often withdraw from the basics when we struggle with our mental health and people can forget or even underestimate how important these basics can be.

The main ones to look out for when it comes to mental health are:

  • Sleep

  • Connection to others

  • Diet

  • Exercise

Sleep is one of the best predictors of mental health issues, and poor sleep patterns are associated with a host of mental health issues. A good start for someone who is struggling might be to get good sleep hygiene in place.

Also, as mentioned already, simply speaking to people and having positive interpersonal relationships, are a good predictor of positive mental health. Often people can withdraw from their friend groups when they are struggling, so help reintegrate your friends into their social circles and break down the barriers for them to socialise again.

Respecting the individual’s limits or boundaries of what they want to talk about, how much they want to engage is important. Give them the opportunity to engage, rather than pushing them to do so.

Exercise is a reliever of stress and has been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety symptoms and depression symptoms. People who struggle with mental health issues can sometimes lack motivation to get out and having someone to go for a walk with or go to the gym with can be incredibly helpful. You can be that person.

Lastly, look after yourself – mind your own mental health, and try not to carry all of the burden on your own shoulders.

Whatever challenge, difficulty or transition you are going through, working with our team can be a big step towards becoming the healthiest version of yourself. Contact our team about making an appointment via email or phone 01 611 1719 in Dublin, or 021 2067001 in Cork.