Don't Force It

This Mental Health Awareness Week we are running a series of blogs on how to support someone struggling with a difficulty. Each day, we’ll publish a new tip so check back in each day.

Sometimes when we say to people worried about loved ones going through a mental health difficulty, “don’t give up if you’re concerned”; they can come across too strong in their approach.

Mental health issues can be extremely sensitive and can often leave people feeling vulnerable. The last thing a person struggling with a difficulty needs is someone being harsh on them about their struggle; often they are harsh on themselves. This can lead to pushback or sometimes the person might feel judged or stigmatised.

A positive approach can be the open approach – stating what you see and expressing your concerns. Rather than going down the route of, “you have depression, you need help” - which can make people feel accused and stigmatised – try, “I’ve noticed some changes in you and I’m concerned and would like to help”.

Continuous support can be helpful so check in often with the person if you are worried.

Lastly, look after yourself – mind your own mental health, and try not to carry all of the burden on your own shoulders.

Whatever challenge, difficulty or transition you are going through, working with our team can be a big step towards becoming the healthiest version of yourself. Contact our team about making an appointment via email or phone 01 611 1719.