Be Supportive And Don’t Give Up

This Mental Health Awareness Week we are running a series of blogs on how to support someone struggling with a difficulty. Each day, we’ll publish a new tip so check back in each day.

Simply listening to someone and trying to understand them and their difficulty, can often be a significant reliever of stress for that individual. There are reasons why people are encouraged to talk about their issues when they come up, and that’s because it can be helpful.

Be supportive, no matter what the issue, whether you understand it or not. Remember that they may or may not want your help; they may not acknowledge they are struggling, but make sure that they know you are there if they want to talk.

Shame is one of the most frequent barriers for people to engage in support and just by talking to someone can challenge shame because your response doesn’t align with their belief that they could be judged.

Sometimes when people struggle, it can be difficult to acknowledge that to themselves or others, and they can withdraw from their social circle or be quite distant.

The person may not think they deserve help – and therefore it’s important not to give up. Anyone who has struggled with a mental health issue, or anyone who’s helped someone with a mental health issue, will know that it can take multiple attempts before effectively recovering from or even speaking about an issue.

Lastly, look after yourself – mind your own mental health, and try not to carry all of the burden on your own shoulders.

Whatever challenge, difficulty or transition you are going through, working with our team can be a big step towards becoming the healthiest version of yourself. Contact our team about making an appointment via email or phone 01 611 1719.