Silly Season Socialising

With Christmas time comes the Christmas parties, catch up, family events and so on. If you’re naturally more introverted, this time of year can be quite draining. Also, it doesn’t help that get togethers at this time of year tend to be louder, brighter and more challenging than usual. But that doesn’t mean you have to dread this festive season.

friends socialising and drinking wine at christmas time

It’s okay to say no

Although it may not feel this way, remember that you don’t have to attend every event you’re invited to. If you find it difficult to say no, it can be helpful to remember that when you’re saying yes to one thing, you’re always saying no to something else. It may be that you’re saying no to your “me time,” or maybe you’re saying no to extra sleep or finally finishing that book you’ve been really in to.

Try limiting the amount of events you agree to attend so you do have that time to dedicate back towards yourself. Remember, you don’t have to provide a reason why you’re not attending; you can simply say “unfortunately, I’m unavailable.”

Create Space

This can mean a few different things; Firstly, it could mean assigning yourself a job. For example, if you’re at a family Christmas event, offer to do the dishes. It’ll give you a chance to retreat to the peace and quiet of the kitchen while others might be loudly socialising in the sitting room.

Secondly, try turning the conversation with others back to themselves. Most people can talk about themselves for hours, and it’s much easier for introverts to listen than it is to engage in speaking. This will allow you to conserve your energy throughout the evening.


If you know you have an upcoming event that will likely drain a lot of your energy, be sure to plan for some “recharging time” afterwards. Make sure you have nothing planned the next day where you’ll have interact with a lot of people. Instead spend the day doing things you want to do. This will help you recharge your batteries and engage in activities you’d prefer to engage in.

Accept how you’re feeling

Remember, that there’s nothing wrong with being introverted and needing space. Everyone experiences social interaction differently, and you may just need a bit more space than others do. Once you accept how you’re feeling it can become easier to set limits and boundaries for yourself.

In the end, surviving the Christmas season can just require a little bit of extra planning. By setting these boundaries for yourself, setting aside some “me” time, and accepting how you’re feeling you may be able to enjoy the Christmas season just that little bit more.

Julie Farrar