What is Acute Stress Disorder?

Acute Stress Disorder (ASD) is characterised by the development of anxiety and other symptoms within one month of exposure to an extreme traumatic event like experiencing a serious injury or death, a threat of serious injury or death or a threat to your physical integrity or the physical integrity of others. Typically, the individual will have responded to the event by experiencing intense fear, helplessness or horror and may experience a variety of symptoms so treatment may vary across individuals.


Our Expertise

ASD affects us in a variety of different manners and can greatly interfere with our ability to enjoy our day to day lives if it is ignored or not treated properly. If you or someone you know is suffering from Acute Stress Disorder please seek the professional treatment you need. Our clinicians will use psychotherapy or other forms of treatment for ASD. Our experienced team will firstly identify the symptoms and how adverse an effect it has on daily activities in order to develop an individual treatment program.


How We Can Help

Acute Stress Disorder is a similar condition to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In initial sessions, an assessment of the traumatic event and the response is formed, changes to your life since the event will be identified and a comparison between your life before and after the trauma will be explored by your clinician.


Acute Stress Disorder Treatments

Treatment approach for ASD usually entails building a set of skills to tolerate and manage the immediate upsetting feeling arising from the trauma. Numerous strategies will be shared to better equip you with the ability to manage or counteract any re-experiencing symptoms or effects of the trauma. You will be encouraged to build up other parts of yourself which may have suffered or have been ignored due to the impact of the trauma.

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